How to cook an egg in your pocket?

I'm sure many of us at least once in a lifetime "flew" out of the house at the last minute, without even having breakfast. But the designer Dzhidanyareki Limia, it seems to happen quite frequently, which led him eventually to the development of a conceptual device yet Heater Egg Card. A simple-looking device that come to life, will be able to cook an egg though in her purse, even in your pocket.

In appearance the device resembles a plastic card, but is in this case made of silicone that closely covers the egg. The membrane device is integrated network of thin wires.

In addition Heater Egg Card need a device with a USB-port, such as a laptop or tablet computer to which the device is connected, if necessary. It is not difficult to guess the shell is heated, and just a few minutes easy and nutritious breakfast is ready.



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