Top hazardous occupations

to your attention the list of the nine most dangerous professions that exist in the world.
1. fellers. This work is associated with the altitude, plus everything necessary to work with chain saws and forestry equipment. According to statistics for 2008, 116 workers were killed - it's 100,000 people involved in sfere.

2. Miner. Every year during the work an average of 50-60 miners die. This is due to landslides and explosions during coal mining, as well as carbon monoxide poisoning and metanom.

3. Fire. Despite the fact that all firefighters are thoroughly trained, where they are taught to cope with emergencies, yet the risk of various injuries and deaths is very vysok.

4. Washer skyscraper windows. For this very dangerous class, washers are specially podgotovku.

5. electricians working in the air. It is a rare profession. It is understandable, because most of the work on high-voltage lines is done with bare hands. And who would agree to this?

6. Minesweeper. In the period from 1996 to 2002 during the demining killed more than 500 chelovek.

7. The drilling of oil wells. This profession is not to everyone's strength, after twelve hours a day is extremely dangerous to deal with materials characterized by high flammability. In addition, the drillers are practically outside of civilization, hundreds of miles from poberezhya.

8. Coast Guard and rescue service. Dealing with the water element, the rescuers at risk every day, do not go back domoy.

9. Fishing for tuna in the high seas. This work has the highest mortality rate. Fishing for bluefin tuna for some fishermen is the only way of existence. However, such work is extremely dangerous, but still there is a rigid konkurentsiya.

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