Top 9 most dangerous professions in the world

Do you still think that the daily conduct of 9:00 in the office, and so on for five days a week - it's cool? Then we go to you - with a selection dedicated to the ten most dangerous professions that exist in this world!

1. Fishing for tuna in the high seas.

One of the important and little-known facts about tuna fishing is the one that men and women who risk their lives, producing tuna in the icy water, are engaged in work that is characterized by the highest levels of mortality. Fishing - this is a very heavy fishing on its own, and in Gloucester, Massachusetts, is a special breed of fishermen. From generation to generation, they used a variety of tools to catch bluefin tuna is rarely encountered. This fish - their only way of being, but this work is extremely dangerous, and besides, there is fierce competition.

2. Coast Guard and rescue service.

For those brave people who serve in the Coast Guard, to risk their lives trying to save someone else is everyday work. Every day they risk not to return home.

3. Drilling of oil wells.

Drilling of wells for oil and gas offshore is one of the toughest and most dangerous jobs in the world. Risks are inevitable: for twelve hours a day is extremely dangerous to deal with materials characterized by high flammability. If, in addition, take into account that drillers almost isolated from civilization and are hundreds of miles from the coast, it becomes clear that this work will overcome every.

4. Minesweeper.


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