The Chinese invented the car

Chinese farmer in Beijing brought together a unique vehicle for which the energy source is wind power. In the assembly of a vehicle with a length of three meters, and height - meter, the farmer Tang Chzhenpina took about three months. Also batteries receives energy from the vehicle set in front of the propeller and two solar panels mounted behind as "wings." Tang Chzhenpin claims that his invention is better than the gaining popularity of modern electric cars, because they can move faster and run longer on a single charge. "He accelerated to about 140 kilometers per hour, and lasts longer than the cars that do not have generators," - says Chzhenpin about his brainchild. Two sets of batteries charged from the generator at a time - while one works, the other accumulates charge. An additional charge provides a propeller rotating during movement. Recharging the batteries requires thus every two or three days. See also: The fastest sofa in the world drove at a speed of 163 km / h. Invisible Mercedes already a reality? Volkswagen Mini-Gol - Vehicles for dwarfs. In New York, presented a flying car. In Amsterdam, launched a floating bus.



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