Icebergs are different

«iceberg icy mountain rises out of the mist. And it carries the endless flow of the seas "... That's what we used to think of the Arctic glaciers - snow-white blocks, migrating to the ocean. But in fact, icebergs are different - not only pure white, and striped!

Despite the fact that the "painted" icebergs - a phenomenon not unique, scientists have for a long time were not interested in them. However, in 2008, during a scientific expedition in 1700 miles south of Cape Town, South Africa, 660 miles north of the Antarctic researcher Øyvind Tendzhen first noticed the ice floe, decorated with colorful liniyami.

Blue, brown, green or yellow - the palette of Mother Nature paints more than enough! The most common "turquoise" patterns, the secret of their formation is simple: the glacier appears white due to the fact that in its structure a lot of air bubbles, but the blue stripes - is frozen in cracks iceberg fresh water!

Dark stains - this dust and volcanic ash, which are deposited on an iceberg during its formation. These glaciers are "born" as the ice caps on the tops of volcanoes, and at their heated "slide" into the water.

"Emerald" strip - a "pasting" of old ice, which does not contain air bubbles. This ice - the frozen sea water, which for centuries accumulates in the crevices of the ice plume, and during the fault of the glacier came naruzhu.

Icebergs have long attracted the attention of people: their beauty fascinate and frighten unknown. While see live "striped" ice chunks can only researchers, but it is possible that over time they can become attractive tourist sites. A striking example - a glacier-dam Perito Moreno, located in southern Patagonia in the north of Argentina. He is known by the fact that from time to time amazed tourists who come here from around the world can watch him break!

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