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Sometimes we do not even suspect how beautiful nature can be and how many have spectacular phenomena in her hand. Living in today's world of big cities, we are often disconnected with nature. Learn about the most spectacular views that can be seen on our planet in some of its parts, perhaps in pursuit of them you want to go on a long journey. Migration butterflies monarhov

Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) can offer you one of the most spectacular sights. Each individual orange and black, but when they gather in large numbers to migrate, they fill the air with bright colors. The migration path that overcomes these butterflies is through a large part of North America. Butterflies are forced to go on long journeys because of its vulnerability to cold, so when winter comes, they fly to the south. Geyzery

Geysers - a demonstration of the forces of nature that are hidden beneath our feet. Geysers are hot springs, which are under pressure from time to time push the jet of hot water. Geysers can be seen in different parts of the globe, but more than half of them are in Yellowstone National Park, USA. There is also the world's highest geyser Strimbort, the height of the water jet reaches 90 meters. Like most natural phenomena, geysers - quite unpredictable, so could hurt the curious tourists who approach them on an unsafe distance. In the US, the most famous is Old Faithful, to which thousands of tourists come to gaze from around the world. Another interesting geyser - Strokkur (pictured), who is in Iceland erupts more frequently Old Faithful. Nochesvetki

Algae blooms in seas and oceans may seem not so impressive, but when single-celled organisms "lit" beautiful ocean blue light at night - a real miracle. Noctiluca scintillans make water glow a beautiful blue light, especially during the waves. It can be an unforgettable experience for those who are not afraid to swim at night. Fire tornado

Tornadoes are always pretty horrific events, but if they are joined by another, and the fire, the show - not for the faint of heart. Fire tornadoes are formed when heat from the fire, rising up, the air spins, creating a vortex, and the outside air is cooler. Vortex grabs with a flame, thereby obtaining a pillar of fire, which moves in space. Light stolb

In very cold weather when ice crystals are in the atmosphere, the sky can be formed so-called light poles. They are formed around natural sources of light, such as at sunset or the moon, but can also be created using light sources created by man. Ice crystals, we can not see, reflected light thus obtained columns of light in the sky. The higher the crystals, the longer the post. Vodovoroty

Eddies in the oceans inspired fear in many seafarers since ancient times. In reality, there were no cases that fall into the whirlpool of large ships. Bodies of water forming eddies are usually due to strong tides, and this is a very impressive sight. In the Gulf Korrivrekan the west coast of Scotland, such events often occur when a huge wave height of 4 to 5 meters noisy are carried back into the ocean, forming eddies. Whirlpools happen everywhere and often attract curious tourists. Lakes boiling lavy

Lava, or molten rock at high temperatures, can be seen in nature only in the volcanic eruptions. However, just five points on the planet lava flows on the surface, forming a relatively quiet "lake", to which you can get very close without danger to life. These lava lake - a real treasure trove for scientists, since they have the ability to collect its samples of what can be done when there is raging angry volcano. Lakes offer direct access to the molten center of the Earth. Especially spectacular phenomenon is the night when the lake shines bright orange fiery light. Sandy buri

Sandstorms can be quite spectacular phenomena, but is nearby - not the best option. Storm in the desert has always threatened to travelers, since they may fill with sand or they can simply choke. Sandstorms occur when strong winds lifted into the air and sand soil particles and carry them away. Some of these storms are so huge that they can be seen from space. Each year, 40 million tons of dust from the Sahara to the Amazon across the Atlantic. As part of the soil is carried away by the wind, it threatens agriculture or may deplete important minerals. Solar zatmenie

Eclipse of the Sun occurs when the Moon closes the disc for an observer on earth. The diameter of the Sun is about 400 times larger than the diameter of the Moon, but by coincidence, the Sun is 400 times farther away from us than our moon. That is why sometimes we can observe a total solar eclipse, in which you can see the solar corona - a plasma layer around the sun. Eclipse boggle the imagination of people since time immemorial, they have learned to predict even thousands of years ago. Polar siyanie

Probably not a natural phenomenon, which could be more beautiful and spectacular aurora. Those who were lucky enough to see it, can confirm this. Aurora occurs when particles of the solar wind collide with the magnetic field in Earth's atmosphere. When the particles strike the atmosphere, they ionize the atoms, which emit light. Some people claim that during a strong aurora may hear sounds, but it was never confirmed by scientists. See also: The gardens of the future and supertree in Singapore. A terrible cloud over Beijing. Hundreds of people saw a UFO in the skies over Israel. Where did the strange sounds from the sky? Singing Cave Fingal.



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