Dark Lord or the supreme?

Funny guy Glenn Beck forbidden to mention in his transfer to US President Barack Obama. Well, it would seem, what of it? Maybe a person's personal dislike of the US president, or even what inner motives, you never know. However, he accompanied this requirement a little footnote that mention, they say, you can. Only metaphorically. "This man," "the guy", "Mr. President." I do not argue, Obama, of course, he was still a guy. But to the extent that ...
The people immediately have associations with the omission of the name of the dark lord of Potterianskoy epic. You can add here another ban on mentioning the name of the Lord in vain. I think if you string up, you can still find such analogies.
Well, it's okay. In principle, a good initiative. It is important to determine the specific defining words to avoid confusion. Attach to the president some one phrase, it was clear to all accustomed to. Would recommend to stop the election on the Indian version of the name. There's a lot to choose from. For example, "fleet-footed deer, ahead of the iron horse." Then select the appropriate names for the entourage. A chego.Pripadat to basics, so pripadat. On whose land you live? That's it. Read tradition wanted.
Receptions will be difficult at first. But nothing, and get used to the deer, and bears.


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