Places prohibited for viewing on Google Maps (10 photos)

For security reasons, some locations on Google Maps can not be seen, they smeared and distorted.
I suggest to get acquainted with these mysterious places.

1. Royal Residence, The Netherlands - a complex of buildings belonging to the royal family:

2. Buffalo Niagara International Airport, you can not see in detail when you zoom:

3. Tantauko National Park, Chile. Private Reserve, where live many endangered species. It can only be seen as a marker on the map:

4. The artificial reservoir at Lake Kyjov in South Carolina, USA. The reservoir serves energy company Duke:

5. Unknown piece surface in Siberia, Russia. Part of the tundra far from Alaska:

Minami Torishima Airport 6. Japan. The only airport on the island of Minami Torishima, painted white. Now it is used by naval forces:

7. Building Michael AAF, UT, United States. Area military polygon, where the testing of biological and chemical weapons:

8. Cornell University, the combined production of heat and electricity, Ithaca, New York. It develops high-tech ecological mode of production of electricity from natural gas:

9. Babylon, Iraq. More like a field than the bustling city:

10. Part of the city of Vlissingen, the Netherlands. Petroleum storage, as well as several bases of the Air Force:

In the Netherlands, can be found in other places spryatanye by Google under umbrellas, but it is available for viewing on Bing.



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