In kindergarten

Australian officials were forced to close the kindergarten in the Northern Territory because of the fact that its territory inhabited by at least 25 young pythons, and a much larger mama.

It all started on Wednesday when one of the young Australian carpet python was spotted on the playground of the kindergarten, "Mitchell Center" in Darwin. The next day, seven small snakes were seen crawling on the territory of the garden, where care for children aged six weeks to five years.

Preschool director Luisa De Bomfort invited representatives of city services and two contractors to investigate the matter. They looked inside the walls of the center and found something shocking.
Female carpet python was found in the wall, and next to it was no less than two dozen eggs that have hatched snakes. According to experts in the wall was another female length of about 2 to 5 meters, however, find it has not yet succeeded.



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