Unusual alcoholic beverages

It is interesting not for the fact that these drinks there, and he - who drinks them?
I would not dare to try this infernal potion.

Snake wine
Snake wine is found mainly in Asia and prepares to dip the whole snakes in rice wine. It is believed that this drink has medicinal properties and beneficial effects on almost everything - from hair loss to sexual potency.

2. Beer flavored chocolate donut
This strong beer with a taste of chocolate donut produced in Alexandria (Va.). It is made with the addition of the chocolate, and a variety of other tasty ingredients.

3. Liqueur "Three lizards»
In order to get the drink in rice liquor insist on lacertidae (usually family gekkonovyh). Traditional Oriental medicine believes that the energy thus gecko goes into alcohol and then to those who drink it.

4. Pulque
This milky substance made from the fermented juice of a plant called maguey. Pulque drink from the time of the Aztecs, however, after the invention of beer, he became less popular.

5. Beer flavored pizza
It is a strange invention made chefs Tom and Athena Sifrut when, after the pizza they have left too much tomato and garlic.


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