Monkey banquet

Thailand has long been considered the birthplace of unusual celebrations and traditions. One of these celebrations - a monkey banquet. Once a year, 600 monkeys are invited to dinner - 7 meter table they spread 2 tons of food. Thus residents of the city of Lopburi macaque thank for victory in the past voynah.

According to ancient legend, the god Rama presented the estates (which is the town of Lop Buri), his best friend Hanuman, the Monkey King. According to legend, it is with monkeys Hanuman triumphs in the war against the enemies. Today Lapburi monkey - live attraction of the city. They attract many tourists from all over the world in this gorodok.

In gratitude for the attraction of tourists in the present and the victory in the wars in the past, the residents of this city every year on the last Sunday in November satisfied with the monkey banquet. The vegetarian menu monkeys offer vegetables, rice, cola, banana and other frukty.

A small video celebrating the feast of monkey in Thailand.



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