Thailand (Thai. ประเทศไทย) [1], the Kingdom of Thailand (Thai. ราช อาณาจักร ไทย [râːtɕʰa ʔaːnaːtɕɑk tʰɑj]) - State of South-East Asia, located in the southwestern part of the Indochina peninsula and the northern part of the Malay Peninsula. It is bordered on the east by Laos and Cambodia to the west - with Myanmar, and in the south - with Malaysia. Until 1939 was called Siam; the word "Thai» (ไทย) means "freedom." The name is quite justified: Thailand - the only country in Southeast Asia, to preserve the independence, while all the neighboring countries were colonies of France or the UK. "Thailand» (Thailand) - Germanized version of the name of the country, entered into use in 1930 - means "the country of Thais," Thai version sounds like "Muang Thai" or "Prathet Thai".


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