Russian inventions that we forgot to patent

Ideas Russian inventors have transformed the world, but where do not have time to hurry up, once ashamed to disturb the "important" people, something prevented to obtain a patent. So authorship of the great inventions go to the West. 1. Avtomobil

In 1751 Leonty Shamshurenkov, a skilled mechanic of people, produced by state order "samobegluyu carriage" move without any outside force. Shamshurenkovu reward given fifty rubles. The subsequent fate is unknown to historians wheelchair. 18 years later, in 1769, the Frenchman Nicolas Kunio presents around the world similar device. It's a shame, a Frenchman Kunio whole world knows, and the name of our designer forgotten! 2. Parovoz

Russia's first two-cylinder steam engine vacuum, simply put the locomotive was designed mechanic Ivan Polzunova in 1763. On the test machine, which took place in Barnaul, only a year, attended by James Watt. He really liked the idea ... In April 1784 in London, he was able to obtain a patent for a steam engine with a universal motor. Member of the Commission for Reception invention Polzunova, James Watt is considered its inventor. 3. Narkoz

The phrase "woke up - plaster" - perfectly illustrates the medical practice Nikolai Pirogov. In 1850, the great surgeon for the first time in the history of medicine began to operate on the wounded with ethereal anesthesia in the field. Total Pirogov spent about 10 000 operations under ether anesthesia. He first started using the Russian medicine plaster for the treatment of fractures. 4. Velosiped

In 1801, land inventor Yefim Artamonov at the Nizhny Tagil factory built the first all-metal two-wheeled pedal scooter, which is then called a bicycle ... Then, in 1818, when it will be given a patent for the invention of the German Baron Karl Draize! 5. Robot

The great Russian mathematician Chebyshev Pafnutii in 1860 failed, as it seemed incredible: to calculate and develop a "walking straight construction machinery without wheelsets, on the principle of step." The unit was named plantigrade machine. The car with full confidence that can be considered the grandmother of the current Japanese robots! 6. Radiopriemnik

Chronicle of Russian history of radio is as follows: May 7, 1895 Alexander Popov, the first time publicly demonstrated a radio transmitter and receiver in the distance. In 1896 - he passed the world's first wireless message. And in 1897 - established the possibility of using radar wireless telegraphy. However, in Europe and America, it is believed that radio invented by the Italian Guglielmo Marconi in the same in 1895. And try to prove the opposite! 7. Lamp nakalivaniya

The device, known as the "Edison bulb" nothing more than an advanced izobrenie Alexander Lodygina. Member of the Russian Technical Society in 1870 even offered to use in lamps and tungsten filament spinning filament in a spiral shape. Edison did so only in 1879, that did not prevent him to receive a patent for an incandescent lamp.



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