Future in 1947

When in 1947 the magazine Popular Science has published several predictions of scientists and artists on the theme of the future, the dream of space did not seem unrealistic, the atomic bomb has already shown the world their terrifying power, and scientists began to think over how to control the weather. Space puteshestviya

"People born in the 40s, will use the new transport system. It will take a dark time robot airplanes with recording instruments overcome the sound barrier. The future is connected with space travel. First, the indefatigable man flies to the moon, then go to Mars and other planets, to come back and write a book about his travels. " Ring motorway around gorodov

"Based on those projects, which were proposed by the most progressive architects, city of the future might look like this: it will be surrounded by a belt of multilevel highways. Along these roads will be built industrial enterprises to isolate the associated traffic. Inside the giant circle of the city will be divided into sections, each of which will also be surrounded by its own "ring" to maximize unload the transport of residential areas. " Management pogodoy

"Meteorologists will be actively involved in the planning of urban architecture to prevent the penetration of cold winds. Urban gardens, courtyards and streets will be equipped with special shields that on hot days will reflect the sun's rays and send them back into the sky. Snow blizzard can be prevented with the help of aircraft that will be sprinkled with dry ice clouds over the desert territory, they were unable to reach the outskirts of the city. " Using fotosinteza

"Probably one of the most ambitious science projects will accelerate the process of photosynthesis. Plants with a catalyst chlorophyll will consume the solar energy and convert it into sugar, proteins, fats and fiber - that is, those substances which no life on earth possible. If the efforts of scientists working in this area to succeed, it would mean a golden era and the eternal abundance for all mankind. " Lunar mikrovolny

"Networks microwave relays cover the country, which will transmit visual and audio signals, including radio FM, telephone calls, telegrams and facsimiles. With this system, commanders will be able to watch any region of the country, to see which planes are in the air. And the phones will become commonplace in every home will have its own radiotelephone "Finally, the network will cover the whole world with the help of repeater stations, which will be placed on the aircraft flying in the stratosphere or even sends signals from the moon." Uranium batarei

"The scientists have set themselves an ambitious goal - the conversion of nuclear energy into electricity without having to go through a cumbersome thermal cycle. Metal terminals will fall into a uranium boiler and it will be possible to obtain electrical energy, both from conventional batteries. "

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