The most dangerous city

If you decide to spend your holiday memorable and extremely, all the same it is not necessary to go to the cities, which are now going to talk. Crime rates and mortality in them exceeds all conceivable norms. In security, you will not be day and especially at night. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

The town of Ciudad Juarez is located on the border between the US and Mexico. That it is an important border town and transport hub. In 2009, Ciudad Juarez has been recognized as the most criminogenic city in the world. Last year, the drug wars claimed the lives of more than 2 thousand people. The town has a military atmosphere, because the police are constantly combing the city. CARACAS, Venezuela

Caracas - the capital of Venezuela. Its center is an endless shopping stalls with cheap Chinese goods. A favorite pastime of children here pitardy throw into the crowd of people watching and laughing as adults fall to the ground from fear to get shot. On the eve of Christmas in Caracas, especially a lot of police officers. After all, in the pockets of people have money to buy for the holidays. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Now the city is considered the most developing in Honduras. But if you visit its slums and remote areas, you can stay there forever. Though San Pedro Sula and is considered an attractive tourist area, still not worth it carelessly treat its residents. This city - home of drug dealers. Every year thousands of murders taking place here. Guatemala

Every day in the capital of Guatemala, killing 5 people. Do not joke. Also very much like there to pull bags cameras at careless turistov.Na every 100 thousand people here for 90 murders. Everywhere the police on duty. They especially do not stand on ceremony with the bandits, and occasionally shoot the whole bus. San Salvador, El Salvador

While San Salvador and the capital, it can be found on any tourist map of the world, it is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Most numerical gang Mara has ties to the government, so deal with it no hurry to Cali, Colombia

Colombia - a developing country. Its economy is based on oil trade and ... drugs. They carry tons of the country, and the government does nothing. This once again proves its corruption. New Orleans, USA

New Orleans is prone to frequent natural disasters. That is why on the streets is very dangerous. During Hurricane Katrina, it was strewn with corpses that nobody cleaned, fixed fights, killings and looting. This situation is due to the low social level of the population. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town can rightly be called one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, its slums exacerbate this statement. Careless tourists who wander here, may lose not only valuable things, but life. Rape is considered commonplace, they are not even police statistics. But the level of AIDS is through the roof. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea-

Beautiful nature - that's all that can draw in this city. Port Moresby - the capital of Papua New-Guinea. Low living standards, unemployment, appalling mortality statistics amaze visitors. Against this background, the frequent robberies and murders.
Detroit, USA

Now the main part of the city destroyed and burned. Due to the fact that people make up almost one negros, the birth rate has declined. No work, industrial zones have become centers of the automotive industry. On the night before Halloween is formed tradition of "Night of the Devil." This means setting fire to houses and destroyed part of the city.



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