Cemetery vampires

Polish archaeologists have said that during the construction of the roads were dug graves vampires. That was considered dead undead, shows an unusual way to the burial of bodies. During the construction of the road near the Polish city of Gliwice, builders stumbled upon the part of the skeletons. Archaeologists invited to the archaeological site, expected to see the remains of the soldiers who participated in World War II, but made a mistake in their prognozah.

Eyes researchers appeared strange situation - the head had been severed from the dead bodies and placed in the legs. Archaeologists immediately grasped the essence of the ritual, designed to prevent the resurrection of mertvetsov.

According to experts, the practice of beheading the dead, who were considered the "bloodsuckers", was widespread in the Slavic countries in the beginning of Christianity, when the pagan beliefs have not lost their power. People believed that the separation of the head vampire from his body will not let the undead rise from the grave to terrorize zhivyh.

A forensic anthropologist Matteo Borrini (Matteo Borrini), become interested in the discovery of Polish archaeologists, he told reporters that there were other, no less strange ways of dealing with the "bloodsuckers". For example, a resident of Venice, died in the XVI century, the plague, was buried with a brick, tightly inserted between its jaws. This method ensured the Italians that the deceased will not be able to eat human krovyu.

But in Bulgaria to exterminate vampires approached somewhat differently. In 2012, archaeologists found two skeletons, fixed with iron rods in order to securely chained to the land of the undead. Archaeologist Jacek Perzak (Jacek Pierzak), participated in the study of Polish "bloodsuckers" and noted that experts have not yet established the age of the graves of the lack of skeletons jewelry, buckles, buttons and other features.

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