Gaiole Island

Gaiole - two small rocky island off Cape Passilipo in the Bay of Naples off the Italian coast. On one of the islands built small villa, the other - uninhabited. The islands are connected by an unusual stone mostikom.

Gaiole look very picturesque and serene, but with them, is quite grim story, and the locals believe that over Gaiole tends curse. In the early twentieth century, the owner of the villa was a certain Hans Braun, who was found murdered here and wrapped in a rug. Soon his wife drowned in more.

Villa Maurice Sandoz acquired the pharmacist, who after some time committed suicide in Switzerland. The next owners of the island went bankrupt immediately after the acquisition of the property. Some time Gaiole belonged owner Gianni Agnelli of Fiat, but after the suicide of her son, and death from cancer beloved nephew, he sold the island. Since then, the villa stands zabroshennoy.

The Curious Case of the curse of the island attracts tourists who admire the amazing bridge slung between the islands. It seems that the thin arch stone bridge that literally hangs in the air.



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