because of what it cost to visit Japan

Reasons for deciding to visit Japan
Japan - a wonderful country. It perfectly combines dynamics and stability, tradition and modernity, harmony and chaos. On the one hand, it is a beautiful country with a rich past, the other - a nation striving forward, both in terms of technological development, and in terms of thinking.
Japan - a developed country with a very high standard of living

Sakura - known symbol of Japan and Japanese culture

Golden Pavilion

In Japan, I do not know the meaning of the word "limit»

With animals are treated like kings. Whether it's a duck ...

or ordinary dog ​​

Fashion and food - best friends.

As technology and the food.

In general, Japanese food is delicious. Just look at this ramen.

Have you ever drank milk in the style of Disney's "Cats-aristocrats"? Of course not, if you were not in Japan.

In Japan, you can buy a Kit Kat almost any taste.

A hot meal from a vending machine can be purchased at any time.

And yet - the food in Japan just outrageously cute.

And very happy.

Generally, in Japan all happy.

People are not afraid to express his inner world ....

Why is not dressed by Darth Vader to play baseball?

Or to drink beer and eat sushi in the metro?

In Japan, sales CONSTANTLY.

And those sales which just can not buy. For example, denim thong.

And (attention!) Water diet!

And if enough of these reasons, this is the main: in Japan, there is an entertainment center Pokemon!

And, of course, capsule hotel!



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