Brave new world - 9 places to visit in 2015

The world is huge and every year becomes more. The appetite for traveling is waking up during the meal and the wish list grows as the planet shows his new side. However, the influx of tourists from all over the world can turn even the most hidden corner of the planet into a cosmopolitan market where foreign and alien more than local and authentic. That's why we decided to abandon the hackneyed tourist destinations, has studied the tourism offer and built the list of uncommon places to visit in the next year — from the mysterious and unexplored Tasmania to the windswept Patagonia and low-cost Asian destinations such as Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

Iceland. Island in the North sea, the percentage of settled lands, which is only about 15 percent, is a fabulous place inhabited by trolls and fairies. It is unknown if it will work for you to see them, but just happen to enjoy unearthly landscapes, take a dip in the hot springs and to visit caves which are famous in Iceland.

Morocco. Country, travel to which is offered by any travel Agency, you may turn a completely different aspect, if we forget about the templates and can't go to the Bazaar in Marrakech and the beaches of middle-earth. Instead, you can go to the Atlas mountains, stopping for the night near the picturesque waterfalls or in the Berber villages to visit in the heart of the Sahara to enjoy the sunset views of the great sun from the back of a camel.

Vietnam. Sleepy fishing villages, multi-million Saigon and prices that can surprise the most experienced traveler — all Vietnam. As in any country, then you can go away from the formulaic tourist routes and go on a journey full of experiences that are available only to you. For example, to live in the village of fishermen on the Mekong river or go on Safari in the great reserve Kettler in the North.

Tasmania. For most people in the world Tasmania is associated primarily with crazy animals called "the Tasmanian devil". While Australia and New Zealand already isogeny to tourists far and wide, this small island still conceals many prospects — stunning scenery, amazing local cuisine and wildlife, which is not similar to anything in the world.

Colombia. For curious travelers who want to plan their next big trip, we offer to travel to South America, in Colombia. In this country there are all the picturesque coast of the Caribbean, the wild forests of the Amazon, mnogomillionnyj metropolis of bogotá and many other things that can't be found anywhere else in the world.

Japan. The North and South of the country binds, s-Bahn, that allows you to see in one trip almost all attractions of the island nation. Technology, traditional culture and over-the-top restaurants included Michelin-rated — reasons to visit Japan as soon as possible.

Argentina. Patagonia — a place sacred and infinitely beautiful. The spurs of the Cordillera and nature, which is not touched by the hand of man, stagger the imagination of even the most experienced traveler. Cosmic landscapes of glaciers, crystal clear lakes and mountains, dotted with villages is really worth seeing.

Nepal. They say that there is no place closer to heaven than Nepal. This is the truth, because the country is so high that to the heavens, there is very little. View the centuries-old traditions of life of the Nepalese, and enjoy the sunrise over the Himalayas and explore impressive temples and monasteries can only be here.


Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has an enormous tourism potential, but everything in the world somehow forget about it. It has everything to offer leading resorts of the world, but much cheaper. In addition, near the hotel you can find wild animals and the island itself is one big nature reserve



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