How to choose the right inverter for home

Welding machines inverters on the market in such a variety that to choose them is difficult. Especially when you consider how diverse their characteristics. To determine what kind of inverter suitable in this particular case, you need to know the basic selection criteria.

Class apparatusses professional, household and industrial devices. Each of them is designed for a certain volume and duration of the works.

Household. Designed for short-term work and is no different quality of the seams, but quite acceptable for basic home tasks. The device current to 200 A, the allowable electrode diameter of about 3-4 mm.

Professional. More suitable for mounting, in particular pipes or metal structures of large dimensions. This inverter copes with the longer work, provides high quality and reliable seal. Compactness is another advantage of such a device. The current of device a to 300 A, the electrode diameter is 4 mm. Mode of operation – 7 minutes of work and 3 minutes rest.

Industrial. Current such devices is 300-600 And they can be used all day without any breaks or shifts. This overall apparatus with additional cooling. Typically used for welding with load-bearing structures.

Criteria vyborok only class of device identified, you can proceed to his choice. Discuss the main criteria for the selection of inverter.

Power. The power reserve should be at least 20%, but the best option would be, if it is 40%. The device should not overheat. For electrodes with a diameter of 3 mm and metal not exceeding 3 mm thickness, suitable inverter with a current of 150-180 A.

The network parameters. Each device is designed to certain indicators of the input voltage. Most often, the inverter 220 involves fluctuations in the range of plus or minus 20%. However, you can purchase a device tailored to large fluctuations in line voltage, for example, up to 35%. Such devices will continue its work and at 150, and 300 V.

Additional functions. Many inverters are equipped with additional functions, in particular:

  • the fast and the furious arc stabilizes the arc and improves seam quality, reduces power surges;
  • hot start – increases current at the beginning of the work, prevents electrode sticking to the surface.
The availability of services. This, too, should take care in advance. Should be workshops where you can carry the equipment in case of breakage. However, buying an inverter from a reputable manufacturer, there is no doubt that service center will be easy to find.

Knowledge of all these nuances will help purchase equipment that will work efficiently and for a long time and will not create any problems, if repairs are required. Don't forget that the excess savings can lead to extra costs, and because it is better to buy from well-known manufacturers and in specialty stores.



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