Anti-American posters

Some of them actually reflect the essence of Americanism and today ... The American way of life (1949)

The bourgeois parliament (1954)

Elected fraud in the capital (1950)

Freedom of the American (1950)

Trick or treating! (1960)

Equality in the American (1969)

So you know, Tom, how much a pound Down and Out! (1968)

They have a rich abundance, and we strive for abundance for all (1957)

Their "democracy" (1971)

Shame on America (1968)

Stigma of American "democracy" (1963)

If there is a free system, what then called prison? (1968)

American politics (1970)

Freedom for the prisoners of imperialism and reaction

Voice of America (1950)

SShAntazha Policy (1984)

Raging (1980)

The American anti-Soviet hysteria (1980)

200 000 000 police files to the FBI to spy on dissidents

Of the 19 treaty actions in the field of human rights within the United States ratified the UN only 5

Terror, racism, aggression, neo-colonialism, espionage (1978)

The US Constitution (1981)

The United States and the European Community. Clear, understandable for any price "commonwealth" of this: The smile on his lips, firs in speeches, in his mind - lie behind - a knife!

Strong returns

US Army - an instrument of aggression and robbery (1982)

After the Second World War, the United States resorted to war and intervention 215 (1982)



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