Star of Soviet films

Before you cast our childhood of the best films of the Soviet period. Many of these celebrities is now just changed beyond recognition. Let's see what they are now, these heroes are the children of the Soviet Union. Petya Vasechkina in the film "The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkina" played Yegor Druzhinin. Yegor now works choreographer variety of telecasts «First Channel».

In the role of Vasya Petrov starred Dmitry Barkov. He currently resides in St. Petersburg, engaged in the business (financial adviser Exchange).

Viktor Kosyh - Soviet and Russian film and theater actor. It is known for one of the main roles in the epic "Elusive Avengers" - Danka.

Charming Masha Startsev played Inga Ilm. Now Inge is one of the leading youth program "Open a project" on the TVC channel and a news program on the Moscow channel M1.

Tatyana Protsenko - actress, best known for the role of Malvina in the movie "The Adventures of Pinocchio».

Vladislav Galkin - Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, Honored Artist of Russia. Film debut of Vladislav Galkin was the role of Huck Finn in the movie by Stanislav Govorukhin "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn»

Stukov Fedor Viktorovich -Russian actor and director. He became known, started acting as a child.

Anna A. Plisetskaya -balerina actress dynasty Plisetskys - Messerer. In 1984 he saw the release of "Mary Poppins, Goodbye", where she played the role of Jane.

Philip A. Rukavishnikov - belongs to the famous artistic dynasty. In 1984, Philip Rukavishnikov gained fame playing the role of Michael Banks in the movie "Mary Poppins, Goodbye»

Dmitry Joseph - Soviet Belarusian and Russian actor, screenwriter and director. At the age of nine years, he was seen as an assistant director of the studio "BelarusFilm" and endorsed the role of Pinocchio, who was famous boy. After the movie "The Adventures of Pinocchio" filming began receiving offers to him one after the other.

Vasiliy Fedorovich Vasiliev - Soviet and Russian actor and singer. At age 12 he wrote his first song. Interestingly, that he never wanted to become an actor. He was attracted to nature and tractors, so after high school he enrolled at an agricultural college. But there is no time to learn. To him came assistant director of the film "Elusive Avengers" Vladimir Seleznev and offered to go to Moscow to audition. Bob agreed, but did not count on luck, because the role of the Gypsy was Yashka 8000 applicants. Soon, however, he was again summoned to Moscow, now in the shooting of the film. Great voice and rumor extraordinary grace and flexibility, the ability to stay in the saddle helped the young man to get ahead of all its competitors, who want to get this role.

Marianne Ionesyan, Julia Gribkova played in the film "Visitors from the future", he graduated from the Moscow State University was the philosopher and emigrated to the United States. Now the 39-year-old Marianne V. married to American lives and works as a business consultant on the east coast of the country, in Virginia. Ilya Naumov (Fima Korolyov) works in the construction business, he refuses to talk to journalists.

Natalia Shanaeva (Lena Dombazova) wanted to be, but he did not become an actress. He lives in Moscow, mother of many children. Semen Buzgan, who played sort of "know-all" and "nerds" Kohl Sadowski now lives in Israel.

Natalia Guseva, who played the main role in the film "Visitors from the future", the daughter of professor Seleznev, Alice, despite the insane success and love of country did not continue acting the way, but found herself in virology. However, a successful biochemist Natalia E. Murashkevich, which already 39 years old, in 2008, still appeared in television and film productions couple. Her daughter is now 16 years old Alesya, although her parents have long been divorced.



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