Amazing picture

Visitors to the Kruger National Park in South Africa were able to observe an amazing picture. Leopard caught a small graceful impala, but instead to feast svezhatinoy tried to make friends with the animals frightened to death. It seemed that the spotted predator forget for a while about his murderous habits. But the result still took his nature.

Impala just numb with fear and therefore quietly respond to manifestations of "tenderness" Leopard.

Of course, it was more of a predator game than any manifestation of sympathy.

Nickname of the leopard - Nkateko ("lucky girl»).

Nkateko only one year. Her mother died of an infection, tunes in the wound.

Predator long toyed with his victim, waiting to come back cub Impala force. To return to play "catch-up».

Tourists with their shouts kept a wounded animal, hoping the baby will be able to escape death in the teeth leopardihi.

But impala was already so exhausted that she had no strength left to resist.

Plenty enough, Nkateko still remembered his predatory nature, and soon for the poor impala everything was finished.



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