Classic paintings that hide on his canvases incredible secrets

Whale picture Hendrik van Antonissena "Beach Scene»

After painting by Dutch artist of the 17th century got into a public museum, its holder has noticed something unusual in it. Why would so many people are on the beach for no apparent reason? During the removal of the first layer of painting the truth came out. In fact, initially the artist painted on the beach the whale carcass, which was later painted over. Scientists believe that it has been painted over for aesthetic purposes. Not many people would want to have at home a picture of a dead whale.

Hidden figure in the painting by Pablo Picasso's "Old Guitarist»

Picasso in his life was a very difficult period when he had no money even for new paintings, so he had to draw a new picture over the old, repeatedly repainting them. So it was in the case of an old guitar.

With a very careful examination of the picture you can see the outlines of another person. X-rays showed that earlier it was a picture, which showed a woman with a child in the countryside

The mysterious disappearance of the King of Rome

Portrait "Jacques Le Marche de Baron de Monbreton NOK" artist by the name of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, is one of the most prominent representatives of political Pentimento. On this web you can see a portrait of the chief of police of Rome, but before the canvas was written something else.
Scientists believe that after the conquest of Rome by Napoleon, the canvas adorned bust of Napoleon's son, whom he proclaimed king of Rome. But after Napoleon was defeated, the bust of his son was successfully painted over

The dead child, or a basket of potatoes?

You can see a picture of the French painter Jean-Francois Millet called «L'Angelus» 1859, two farmers, who stand in the middle of the field, and mournfully looking at a basket of potatoes. However, when the painting was studied by X-ray revealed that in place before the basket was a small coffin with a small child.
Roentgen was not random. Salvador Dalí insisted on X-ray, claiming that the painting depicts a funeral scene. In the end, the Louvre reluctantly made an X-ray picture, and Salvador Dali premonition was justified

Painting "Preparation of the bride" is not what it seems

Painting "Preparation of the bride" is actually an unfinished painting. This painting was part of a series depicting the tradition of French rural life Gustave Courbet. It was written in the mid-1800s and was acquired by the museum in 1929.
In 1960, the painting was studied by X-ray and the fact that scientists have found, plunged them into shock. The original painting depicting scenes of the funeral, and the woman at the center of the painting was dead.



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