The most unusual method of using adhesive tape

September 8, 1930 the first prototype of the adhesive tape, in common parlance - Scotch, was given to the client for testing.

This familiar to today's subject invented by Richard Drew, as usual with brilliant discoveries, by accident. He just decided to help auto painters painted exactly the machine in a different color to the dividing line was neat, and gave master tape.

But with the painter noticed that the tape boxes. It turned out to save, the inventor of the desired object Apply the adhesive only on the edges.

According to legend, the painter yelled, "Take your Scotch tape!", Referring to the greed of this nation, which at that time there were various rumors, and identifying it with the economical application of adhesive tape. And the Scots in English - Scotch, and became known as scotch tape.

If at first the duct tape used for packing, but today it has many applications. We invite you to get acquainted with the most unusual and beautiful of them.

It turns out that duct tape can not just glue, glue and paste, but also to paint!

So does Mark Heisman, using conventional packaging brown scotch tape and glass panels. But what comes out of his scotch, really fascinating.

Face, furniture, silhouettes, passers-by, windows - all this can be called ordinary scenes of life. Unusual technique drawings made with photographic accuracy.

The artist says that imposes on the drawing made on a glass panel, the layers of tape in a certain order to properly and accurately display the shadow volume, glare, lighting in the pictures. And it is perfectly possible. What is this image with Conceived woman at the door.

Instead of canvas used glass, instead of watercolors - tape, and now the lovely young creatures looking slyly at you with a glass cloth.

Master paintings from the adhesive tape is recognized that loves the classics, and always tries to accurately represent the original. This is what he gets amazing!

It's been several solo exhibitions Brand Heisman, which were met with enthusiasm and the public and critics. Let's look at a few more amazing pictures of this seemingly prosaic material, such as tape, and admire their magnificence.


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