Facts about what will happen to you if you fall into a black hole.

"If you will step into a black hole, you feel like a tube of toothpaste from which someone pushes the contents , - rasskazyvaetamerikansky scientist astrophysicist Charles Liu - When an object crosses event horizon - the point of no return from the black hole, begin to act the same laws of physics that cause tides on Earth's oceans. The force of gravity decreases with increasing distance, so the closer the Moon to the Earth, the stronger the pull of her on our planet. Earth is slightly elongated in the direction of the moon, it is quite small changes that we feel them, but the water on the surface of our planet begins to flow along the elongated axis.

Near the black hole the size of Earth, gravity is much stronger, and the hole will start to stretch you in the direction of itself, that is going to happen is that we conventionally call "sucking". In the end, you will stretch so that turned into a stream of subatomic particles moving in the direction of the hole. But because your brain will fall apart into atoms almost immediately, this fact does not have time to grieve you greatly.

Another thing, if you shall stretch the hole bigger. For example, at the event horizon of a black hole the size of a solar system, the tidal forces are not as powerful. This may allow your body to maintain the structure, but in this case you will be expected Adventures in curved space and time. Before you get into the black hole, you will move in her direction with ever increasing speed until this speed does not approach the speed of light. The faster you will be in space, the slower your move in time until the time is not actually stop for you. Then you can see all the objects that fall into the black hole before you, with the same time, and turning - all that had in it will not fall. The whole story will appear before your eyes in an instant, from the Big Bang to the extinction of the universe. That would be the most exciting journey, which only you can imagine. If it were possible. "


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