What would happen if a black hole meet a black hole of antimatter

What happens if you run the black hole into a black hole of antimatter? Both destroyed? A crazy thought experiment, at first glance, but what prevents us to theorize? It all started with Fraser Cain UniverseToday with thought about how it would be possible to destroy a black hole. His reasoning is curious.

He suggested a bunch of crazy ideas: to fire its rockets, laser, push it planet. Nothing will help, the black hole will become bigger and meaner. So the only way to defeat the black hole, is to sit idly by and wait for it to resolve. But it is useless if it has sucked you so you'll have to sort out the options further.

Fraser Cain suggested that antimatter and dismissed it as another hopeless and pointless way to feed your galactic monster. But wait, you say, isn't the antimatter is not the opposite of normal matter? Perhaps if you put a negative number is positive, they cancel each other out? Why not just pump up antimatter in a regular black hole and not divide it by zero?

Antimatter is almost the same as ordinary matter, but all it Vice versa. Electric charge, direction of spin, the configuration of all subcastes that her make up. All the way around, except for mass. An antielectron has the same mass as the electron. And here we should think. In the collision of equal amounts of matter and antimatter, they annihilate. But don't disappear. They turn into pure energy.

As bequeathed to us by Einstein, mass and energy are just different aspects of one and the same. You can convert mass to energy and turn energy into mass. Black holes turn everything as matter and energy in more of a black hole. Imagine how ordinary and unusual black holes with equal masses collide together. They both should annihilate and turn into pure energy.

Of course, the gravity of a black hole is so great that nothing, not even light, can escape. So all the energy was instantly transformed into an even greater black hole. Want even more of a black hole? Add more things. If the two objects are United, the new black hole will have twice the mass.

In addition, the creation of a black hole of antimatter would be extremely expensive. Antimatter is made in particle accelerators, protons are accelerated in a giant ring near the speed of light, and then collide with each other. The collective momentum of the particles is converted into mass according to the famous Einstein's formula E = mc^2. Each collision creates a handful of tiny particles that can collect and hold in a magnetic field, not allowing them to annihilate. According to NASA, the creation of one gram of antihydrogen is of the order of 62.5 trillion dollars: this is the most expensive material that we can create on Earth.

Things can be even more expensive. Perhaps the Large hadron Collider is able to produce tiny black holes (although no one has yet seen). If physicists manage to cope with mathematics, they will be able to create a microscopic black hole of antimatter, colliding together particles of antihydrogen. The cost of the process will Eclipse the cost of producing the antimatter.

In General, while drugs from the black holes in this Universe came up. In addition to the time. Time I'm afraid even black holes. published

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