10 best books based on real events

1. "Bury Me Behind the Baseboard" Paul Sanaev
Book blew the domestic book market and gained not only religious, but - legendary status! Tale, in which the theme of growing up as if turned upside down and acquires features of surreal humor!
The book, in which Homeric funny and subtly evil parodied the idea of ​​a happy childhood.
Sensitive and intelligent Sanaev understood correctly. Because the value of his story increases, and it guaranteed a place in the history of Russian literature.

2. "Multiple minds of Billy Milligan" Daniel Keyes
This defies the imagination story based on real events, reveals to us the broken world of consciousness Billy Milligan, a person with multiple personality. 24 individuals, different in intellect and aspirations: adults and children, men and women, people with criminal tendencies and a fine sense of artistic nature - are fighting for the possession of his body, not allowing him to control his actions. Multiple personality - a kind of experiment of nature over man. The study of this mysterious state of consciousness has a lot to tell us about ourselves, helps us to understand something important from the point of view of control over body and mind.

3. "Schindler's List" Thomas Kenelli
The novel is based on true events that took place in occupied Poland during World War II. German industrialist, commander of the concentration camp alone Oskar Schindler saved from death in the gas chambers more people than anyone in the history of the war.

4. "Zodiac" Robert Graysmith
Documentary story about the terrible serial killer is hiding under the name Zodiac and terrorized America from 1966 to 1981. The book is written on the basis of journalistic investigation undertaken by Robert Greysmitom.

5. "An American Tragedy" Theodore Dreiser
The novel "An American Tragedy" - the peak of creativity prominent American writer Theodore Dreiser. He said: "No one creates tragedies - they create life. Writers only represent them. " Dreiser managed so ably portray the tragedy of Clive Griffiths, his story does not leave indifferent, and the modern reader. Young man, taste the charm of life of the rich, so eager to establish themselves in their society that goes on for this crime.

6. "Up the Down Staircase" Bel Kaufman
Bel Kaufman - American writer, whose name is well known to readers around the world. Bel Kaufman fame brought the novel "Up the Down Staircase." Novel about students and their teachers, children and adults, those who go against the system. The book begins with the words, "Hello, teacher!" And ends with the words "Hello, zubrilka!", And between the two replicas of letters, letters, letters - the cries of people hoping to be heard.

7. "On the sunny side of the street," Dina Rubina
Bizarre fate of the heroes of the novel, in the "high-voltage" intertwined story of love and crime, talent and passion that can destroy a person or lift to heights of creativity.
Open this novel and will not let you truly Babel types: urban and crazy drunks, Russian nobles, exiles and prisoners who have completed their term, "white colonizers" and "hunters hashish» ...

8. "Girl, Interrupted" Suzanne Casey
Memories of the former psychiatric hospital patient clinic - a bright image of the "parallel universe" against the background of a constantly changing world at the end of the 1960s. This insightful and reliable evidence, which allows you to look from a different angle on the sanity and insanity, mental disorder and its causes.

9. "White on Black" Ruben David Gonzalez Gallego
Book someone may seem sad, someone fun. One thing is certain: we all Ruben gave a unique opportunity to look at our terrible, cruel and beautiful world a little kinder, brighter and happier.

10. "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert
... "Eat, Pray, Love" - ​​a book about how to find joy where you do not expect, and how not to look for happiness where it will not. By definition.
... The modern book on the modern woman, for which there is, pray, love - it means to enjoy life ...


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