10 best books based on real events

Of course, we love to writers for their imagination and the ability to create worlds, but sometimes life itself throws up these stories that they can surpass even the most sophisticated fantasy.

< Website I chose books that captures the truth: adorable, beautiful, harsh, shocking. Different.

Paul Sanaev
"Bury me for skirting" This story is about a boy and his grandmother turned the topic of growing upside down and turned the idea of ​​a happy childhood in a cruel parody. In the summary of the book it is written that it "Homeric ridiculous" - do not believe. Not funny. Painful, sincere, honest to the limit. And true.

Daniel Keyes' Multiple minds of Billy Milligan "Roman Keyes reveals to us the broken world of consciousness Billy Milligan, a person with multiple personality. 24 individuals, different in intellect and aspirations, are fighting for the possession of his body, not allowing him to control his actions.

Thomas Kenelli "Schindler's List" action of the book is based on the events that took place in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II. German industrialist Oskar Schindler Head camp alone had saved from death in the gas chambers more people than anyone in the history of war. Steven Spielberg shot the film based on the novel of the same name, considered one of the masterpieces of world cinema.

Robert Graysmith "Zodiac" Journalist Robert Graysmith has conducted an investigation on the case of the Zodiac serial killer who terrorized America from 1966 to 1981. Thus was born the documentary story of knowing the authenticity of which begin to stir his hair. Disturbing atmosphere nuarnogo detective only intensifies when you realize that the killer is still wandering somewhere ...

Theodore Dreiser
"An American Tragedy" American Classics saying: "No one creates tragedies - they are creating life. Writers only represent them. " Therefore, the basis for the story he took a case that occurred in 1906: a young man of Chester Gillette killed his girlfriend Grace Brown. He was the prototype of the hero of "An American Tragedy" Clyde Griffiths.

Bel Kaufman
"Up the Down Staircase" The American writer Bel Kaufman wrote a novel about the students and their teachers, children and adults, those who go against the system. The book begins with the words, "Hello, teacher!" And ends with the words, "Hello, zubrilka!", And between the two replicas - letters, emails, letters ... The cries of people hoping to be heard.

Dina Rubina
"On the sunny side of the street," Whether you are in the East or not, this book is worth reading. In it so much of the sun that it is enough for a single chilly gray day in the middle lane. In the plot of the novel intertwined love and crime, talent and passion - and all this against the background of a summer in Tashkent, this, remember how it Dina Rubina.

Suzanne Casey's "Girl, Interrupted" This book - an autobiography, memoirs of the former psychiatric hospital patient. It was her life, "interrupted" when the background of an ever-changing world of the 1960s Suzanne falls into the "parallel universe" clinics, living by their own laws. This insightful and credible evidence that allows us to look at a different side of sanity and madness.

Ruben David Gonzalez Gallego
"White on Black" When you feel that life is unfair and everything goes wrong, just open the book Gallego and stay a while in the world of his characters - people with disabilities. Their optimism and totally custom look at familiar things will be for you this medicine.

Gregory David Roberts 'Shantaram' thousand-In "Shantaram" dive headlong. Modern Mumbai is melted by the heat, the Indians slowly, and the mafia - steeper than in Russia 90. It's the hit autobiographical hero Roberts escaped from an Australian prison. Roman portions produces action, spiritual quest, love stories, sketches Aboriginal life - mix, but do not stir.

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