Railway Salon

Today visited the International Rail Salon "EXPO 1520", which opened in Sherbinka. The Salon is held every two years. This is such a MAX, only about trains. With MAKS railroad unites not only the frequency of once every two years, but the quality of the participants. Visitors are encouraged to look at the three chewed outdated shit mammoth. Of course professionals surely find in this pile of scrap its diamonds, but just a visitor here to do nothing. Railways drags on Scherbinka some strange cars that have become obsolete 20 years ago, from year to year changes only the coloring and design of the upholstery. Passenger transport is represented generally very poorly.

But something interesting is still there. Let's start with the layout subway train that brought Siemens. These are the trains will soon be possible to roll passengers Moscow subway: 01. Here's a train from Siemens.

02. The driver's cab.

03. Interior I did not like. But this layout, now Siemens collects comments to improve it.

04. All seems a bit clumsy. Brackets for seat makes one designer, handrails another, upholstery cleaner generally choose.

05. Some decisions are very controversial, for example, provoke passengers sit there.

06. But the scoreboard with stations very cool and informative.

In general, SIEMENS have work to do. By the way, they want to put a layout on one of the squares in Moscow, so that soon it will be possible to see the car all comers.

07. Locomotives. I must say, I do not really understand the technical data presented at the Salon of trains. My opinion only amateurish. Perhaps this is a breakthrough ... but I did not appreciate.

08. Maybe it's some kind of super-locomotive that will soon conquer the world. The unique development of our scientists. Gas turbine. It is planned to work at BAM and around it. Feature is the gas turbine engines, by which he is more powerful conventional locomotive


10. Now to passenger transport. This is our diesel train from Metrovagonmash.

11. Commuter train, where there is no electricity.

12. It looks cute. Interior no. In Russia do not know how to design the interiors of cars.

15. This double-decker cars Railways. They are already in use. Without comment, because to say nothing more about them

16. Inside, everything is like in a cheap business center. Brrrrr

17. Nothing new

18. Toilet ...

19. Toilet for the disabled.

21. And this is the car for international traffic. Explorer.

22. I've never seen such things for children. Interestingly, in their ordinary trains issue?

23. This car looks nice, even the garbage can under the table there.

26. Corridor. After Railways changed corporate identity, they all started vykrashivat a nasty gray color. Now corridor wagon similar to fire the course of the same cheap office center. Where cute curtain? Where beautiful carpet? Where is the soul? What kind of second-rate plastic gray faceless crap trying to sell to the passengers? Here I want to hang myself. Killed all the romance of the railways.

27. The only explanation that makes all gray to Guides and Yakunin could be masked in wagons and blend with the walls.

28. This diesel train Flirt. He has been here 2 years ago in a slightly different version. Flirt was built specifically for the Estonian railway operator Elron.

29. Looks nice.

30. Place for suspension bikes.

31. Interior.

34. The business class cabin.

36. The transition between the cars.

These are the trains.

Taking a walk on Rail Salon "EXPO 1520" understand that our trains are so far behind the times, even at the exhibition is nothing to show. Light at the end of the tunnel is visible. In any European station exposure times steeper and more interesting.



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