Underground submarine base

The Pacific Fleet anti-nuclear submarines like the tunnel to initially build the image of Balaklava, ie a shipyard, an arsenal. But then because of lack of funds decided to build a marina, underground shelter for boats.

Schematic plan.

Location Select deaf in enclosed area on the bay of Pavlovsk, which were based diesel, and then nuclear submarines. In one of the cliffs surrounding the bay and the work started, which was conducted around the clock. The work performed by experts of the Ministry of the special assembly work delivered from Moscow master metrostroevtsy and military construction.

In different years at a secret facility visited by the commander in chief of the Soviet Navy S.Gorshkov, Defense Minister A. Grechko, and then his successor in office D.Ustinov. Construction in the Bay of Pavlovsk was conducted under the supervision of the first persons of the Navy and the Ministry of Defence.

The depth of the underwater channel, they say, is about 7 m, width - 7, the height of the arch to arch - 14 m, the total area of ​​the underground harbor about 4 thousand. Square meters.

At the same time the shelter can accommodate at least three modern missile. It was also built vertical shaft (6 - 8 meters wide), the movable lid is closed. It allowed to produce submarine launches its missiles against targets through the vertical shaft, while remaining invulnerable.

The construction was almost completed (left to build a concrete hydraulic locks, carry out some internal work) when he suddenly stopped.

There are two versions of this: while there was construction, new diesel submarines, larger, which could not enter into the already built underwater tunnel. And second: the US has a new weapon negates the whole venture with an underground shelter for submarines.

Secret mothballed facility, holding guard. In such an unfinished state it is today.


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