HOW CHILDREN'S FINANCIAL SYSTEM on the shelves decomposed.

No teacher of social studies kids to prepare business plans.

Well, that - the theme of entrepreneurship, let pokreativyat to topic intraschool business. School else - world model of the world economy. And fifth-graders took up homework zealously than ever. And now - a lesson presentation.

Not by age cumbersome excellent student Details laid out as it combine the power suit. Nimble redhead boy described the fantastic prospects of transformation of the school transport system: there are elevators and escalators, and rickshaws. Gloomy neat kid does not like the crazy IT specialist, made the class a report on the automation system, access control, accounting and control based on the school computer network. Brisk veselushka described the manufacture of footwear for all teachers, students and even for export sales.

And that goes to the board slim modest girl with an open face and kind eyes.

- All of you - she says classmates - started their business plans with the words "I will take out a bank loan." So, I open the bank.

Swept through the ranks discreet hum of admiration and envy: and they themselves do not dotumkal?

- I have such conditions - continues girl - everyone can take any amount at 20% per annum.

- As any? And a million possible - cocked his head dozing in the back row to anecdotal typical Vovochka, bully and repetition.

- Although billion. A hundred billion. But please note - at the end of the year the money will have to pay interest. Who would not give - take your property.

- Cho, the whole business otberesh? - Indignant, alley cheeks, thick excellent student.

- No, of course! Only missing part'll take no more.

- Normal conditions. Even excellent - balanced rapped pros, looking up from the calculator - I agree.

Behind it all nodded their voices - so kind and generous to all the bank like.

- Well, - continued quiet "banker" - at the beginning of the year I will give a mountain of money. But, however much I issued, 100% of the money cover 100% of the school of business. And in the end, I need to return 120% of issued money. Mountain and plus one-fifth of the mountain. And you have on hand - just a mountain, 20% of which I demand from above, does not exist in nature. Hence, according to the results, I'll take 20% of the school.

For the year someone will be able to collect 120% of the money, and someone, and 400%. But this means that the other half is not budei required for debt repayment. But it does not matter. It is important that in any case, once you have agreed to take out a loan, you give me 20% of the school.

Next year - another 20%. And so on. Well, to the tenth grade, I am the only owner of the school. Today you dream of well-being, business, success, development. And the tenth class you will become my slave and I will decide who will live and who will die of hunger.

The class fell silent. The teacher clapped confused crooked rimmed eyes. Someone's in the bag incredibly loud vibrating cell phone.

- What a bank - the first repetition Vovochka alive - without the bank will manage.

- For Sure! - Lit up with hope veselushka of shoe business - without banks and money dispense, will barter our goods and services to change each other.

- And how do you pay off for ice cream - truly surprised "banker" - the heel of the boot were broken off, and you give? And with employees than to pay you? Sneakers? So they have no time to work will be - will seek days of bakers who sneakers need to buy a muffin with jam. Vaughn, ask Dashki - "banker" nodded at Otlichnitsa catering - she agrees to accept payment sneakers.

- And we will write to each other receipts! - Found pros.

- Good idea - nodded "banker" - and three days later everyone will stop here, Taken zapisochek: "I gave Cole a chair", "Bob drove me on the escalator", "Took Ani sneakers" ... So what? How then to sort this out?

The class fell silent again. Pale teacher nervously twisted brasletku on the wrist, with absently glancing at the downcast class, then the tranquil and lovely lecturer with kind eyes.

- That - suddenly rose Vovochka, banged chair - Ivanov, and the school you will definitely belong?

- Of course - the girl shrugged. This is elementary.

- Then it's ... - Little Johnny nozzles, fiddling with a fingernail characteristic blisters on the knuckles fists and tried to find the words - Ivanov, take me to work. If someone give her for debt will not - I can help. Yup? And I do not need much. You give me a computer class (pros twitched, but he said nothing), where I do play area.

- Well, - immediately agreed "banker" - will force departments.

- No, - mumbled Little Johnny - come on ... Let'll rename the "Special Forces»!

"Banker" again nodded and turned to is not fun veselushka:

- Anya, well, why do you deal with the shoe business that you still lost? You want to get, not to lose, right? So, I'll give you 10% of the school.

- What do I do? - Anya asked cautiously, feeling the next trick.

- You see, I do not really want to work. Therefore, to work for me will you. All this fuss - take into account the money issue among ... Suddenly, someone else wants to take a loan? So I'll give you money and at 20% per annum. Will you distribute them under 22%. Your share - 10% of my own, everything honestly.

- Is it possible I will not be under 22% of the issue, and under ... under much as I want? - Cheered veselushka.

- Of Course. But do not think that your school will be. Behold, thou shalt give the money at 33%, and three years later the school will be like yours. However, something you took my money at 20%, which, as you remember, do not exist in nature. And the school will still be my five years. And I'll give you your 10%, and you do not get them myself. Do you understand? I - the owner.

- What a hostess - gurgled through the full cheeks excellent student and immediately received a strong slap on Vovochki.

- MarPalna - turned "banker" to peacefully verdant semiconscious teacher - and you do not worry. I'll give you a big salary. You just learn all that it should be, that does not happen to another. Tell the children that if a lot and work well, it is possible to achieve success, to become rich. You know, the more they work, the sooner I'll be rich. And the better you'll puff brains students, the more I'll pay you. Clear?

In the eyes of the teacher flashed a spark of consciousness and hope, and it is often finely nodded devotedly looking at pyatiklassnitsu.

Sound of saving call.


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