These animals are not lucky with the good looks

Animal World - one of the richest on the planet. Our world is not always - funny puppies and cute kittens. Among the representatives of the natural world there are not very pleasant, and sometimes ugly instances. They are the fruits of evolution and their appearance - it's just a way to adapt and survive in the environment. Now I'll introduce you to some of them. Usually parrots can boast of the beauty and bright plumage. But with the kakapo is not the case - this rare species of birds, even deprived of the ability to fly - he just walks on their large paws. Kakapo live in New Zealand.

It is a sad kind of creation is called a fish-drop. Despite his repulsive appearance, it fits perfectly into its surrounding environment - at a depth of 4000 meters below the ocean surface. Jelly-like body of the fish-droplet allows it to withstand high pressure in the deep water.

Monkey proboskisy hit the list of the ugliest animals because of their disproportionately large noses in males. People such nose may seem a disadvantage, but for the males of this species it is - a source of pride because it is larger than, the more attractive to females its owner.

Long nose, resembling a pig nose turtles perform these vital functions. The turtle uses it as a tube for diving when you have to hide from enemies. Today this ancient species is on the brink of extinction. Turtles and Piglet are found in Australia and New Guinea.

This is no ordinary slug as it may seem at first glance. If he will smell the danger, it may kaaaak jump! They call this being humped jumping slugs and it is found in America.

This shapeless aquatic frog called telmatobius culeus. She lives, as you might guess, in Lake Titicaca, in the Andes of South America, and spends his whole life in the water. The folds in the skin to help the frog to breathe by absorbing oxygen.

The absurdity of looking creature called Axolotl has the unique ability to grow a new limb. This animal is found in Mexico and is on the verge of extinction due to pollution and urban growth.

Few people able to come to the emotion at the sight of the bat. However, this is quite a unique animal: suffice it to say that the bat - the only flying mammals, and it "sees" through sound. The title of the ugliest animal claimed all 18 species of British bats. The picture shows a representative of one of them - a large horseshoe.

Horned lizard is most similar to a particularly disgusting toad. Her appearance - a protective mechanism to deter predators.

European river eel repulsive appearance only benefit - the fact that it is quite delicious, which is why this species in danger of extinction. On reaching maturity the eel becomes even less attractive, because it changes color from yellow to translucent and dark gray.

Pubic lice - being disgusting and looks the part. Three million years, she felt fine human hair, but they say now this kind of danger - due to the increased concern about hygiene.

This unsympathetic scarab beetle literally lives in the shit. It is found in South Africa and its population in recent years is rapidly declining along with the number of their favorite manure to which they are, it turns out, are very demanding.



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