The Top 15 best screensavers on TV

We offer you one more rating from the renowned news portal This time, the experts site ranked in the category of "Best saver on TV." Watch and comment ranking of the best 15 on the TV screen savers. Offers suggestions!

15. Sex and the City (Sex and the City)

14. Cowboy Bebop (Cowboy Bebop)

13. Dexter (Dexter)

12. Weeds (Weeds)

11. Pee-Wee (Pee-Wee's Playhouse)

10. Star Trek (Star Trek)

9. The Muppet Show (The Muppet Show)

8. Flight of the Conchords

7. The Brady Bunch (The Brady Bunch)

6. The Crazies (Mad Men)

5. Desperate Housewives (Desperate Housewives)

4. The Simpsons (The Simpsons)

3. The Prince of Beverly Hills (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

2. The Sopranos (The Sopranos)

1. True Blood (True Blood)

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