Leap Year (Leap Year)

Another girl Anna (Amy Adams) Jeremy (Adam Scott) did not dare to propose to her. And besides departs for Dublin. Anna upset stays at home alone. But suddenly learns of his father's old Irish custom, introduced by St. Patrick. Patrick commanded to be made on February 29 in the afternoon, when any woman can call herself liked the man as her husband. Instantly reshivshayasya Anna sits on a plane flying over the ocean, but because of bad weather the plane makes emergency landing in Cardiff, capital of Wales. From there, the girl to be on time, in a storm forced to travel by passing transport to Dublin. From a young man named Declan (Matthew Goode), who had taken her a ride, Anna crosses half of Ireland, in the rain and mud, on foot and in the car, to realize his cherished dream. But extreme circumstances bring people together, especially if it's a guy and a girl. And the purpose of her trip gradually becomes less clear and obvious, as it was in the beginning.

Leap Year (Leap Year) - US, Ireland

Director: Anand Tucker

Cast: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott and others.

Produced by Sue Armstrong, Gary Barber, Chris Bender

Operator: Newton Thomas Sigel

Writers: Deborah Kaplan, Harry Elfont

Composer: Randy Edelmen

Premiere: January 8, 2010

Budget: 16,500,000 $

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