Venue: flames scorched bloody war Afghanistan. Time - 1995. Taliban fighters endangered plant at their base a Russian military transport aircraft loaded with ammunition flying to Kabul. Five pilots are in captivity. Wait for help from anywhere. They are well aware that only alive because it still needs the Taliban. And the pilots have to play by their rules. And, it seems that there is no hope of salvation. But air strikes confuses plans Taliban. Crew by extreme efforts manage to escape from captivity in its same plane. The film is based on real events of the time.

Kandahar, Russia
Director: Andrew Kavun
Cast: Alexander the ball, Vladimir Mashkov, Andrei Panin, Alexander Golubev, Bogdan Benyuk and others.
Produced by: Ilya Neretin, Valeri Todorovski
Operator: Vladimir Basta
Writers: Oleg Kavun, Andrew Kavun
Composer: Darin Sysoev
Premiere (RF): February 4, 2010
Budget: 7,000,000 $

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Night Snipers - Fly my soul.

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