Do survived "Phoenix" winter on Mars?

The orbiter NASSA «Odyssey» (Odyssey) made eleven spans over Mars, trying to contact the lander «Phoenix» (Phoenix Mars Lander), in a vain attempt to even hear any radio transmission from the module. On this week's scheduled nineteen more attempts, as well as several attempts in February and March.

Photos module "Phoenix»:

Scientists recognize the low probability that the "Phoenix" have survived the winter. Initially, it was not designed to counter the harsh winter conditions of Mars. If the system is still running, and solar panels will be able to accumulate enough power, the unit will start operating in the mortgaged his program periodically try to establish radio contact with the orbiter "Odyssey».

The module include melting glaciers:

Recall that the "Phoenix" landed on Mars May 25, 2008 and successfully operated near the Martian polar zone for two months longer than planned.


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