The Bounty Hunter (The Bounty Hunter)

A retired police officer and now a bounty hunter Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) finally gets the job done, which had long dreamed of. He was entrusted to hunt down and catch released on bail, but then hiding journalist Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston). Oddly enough, the piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that Nicole - former wife Milo. Catch it was not difficult, much more difficult to keep. Besides, she was drawn into a situation where after her killer. And unsuspecting Milo, sent on a mission as a walk, is forced to hit on the run with Nicole.

The Bounty Hunter (The Bounty Hunter), US
Director: Andy Tennant
Cast: Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston, Christine Baranski, Jason Sudeikis and others.
Produced by: Donald J. Lee ml., Ori Marmur, Robin Meysinger
Operator: Oliver Bokelberg
Writer: Sarah Thorp
Premiere (World): March 19, 2010
Premiere (RF): March 18, 2010

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