New car from Audi

Audi has presented his new creation, called R18.

As early as next year, the race car will prove its superiority in endurance racing, as part of the legendary marathon «Le Mans». In connection with the new rules of racing, the developers had for the first time in many years to produce the car with closed body. This, first of all, means that almost the main factor will be the aerodynamics of sports prototype. Audi R18 is equipped with an impressive number of the latest developments, including know-how, which were developed for the previous models. The volume of diesel engine car became significantly less than last year's version (3, 7 liters to 5, 5 liters). This is also a requirement regulations. One of the main "attractions» R18 are LED lights, the authorship of which was divided in half Audi Sport and Technical Development. The first exit on the road car will carry on May 8th Belgian "Spa-Francorchamps» (Spa-Francorchamps).


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