Day in Photos, April 6, 2011

Today obviously went a little brighter day. Although not without natural disasters and incidents. No more details, see next :).

Baby baboon in a zoo-German Osnabrück celebrated its first month of breast milk. Not a bad meal turned out :)

The Englishman sunbathing on the lawn in Hyde Park, London. The air temperature in a substantial part of Albion reached 22 degrees Celsius!

A powerful storm swept over the US state of Georgia. The city of Rome has suffered more than others.

Trees fell on the house and break through them as matchboxes.

Bedroom Sam Megginson is the case.

Employees of the Italian Red Cross brought to the hospital illegal immigrant from North Africa, which was picked up by the Coast Guard off the coast of Lampedusa.

A general view of a solar park in Sanlucar la Mayor, a suburb of Seville, Spain.

Japanese first-graders in his first day of school. School in Fukushima.

Japanese woman with her daughter looking for your car. It is not clear why. Do not go so well. Miyako, Japan.

Boy playing machine in Ishinomaki on the background of total devastation, perfektura Miyagi, Japan.

American infantryman controls refueling helicopter medical care on the basis of Duayr in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

Libyan rebels from Benghazi to go next "hunting" in the direction of Ajdabiya.

Northern Ireland police bury their colleague, which undermined the nationalists in his own car. Berag, Northern Ireland.

Lebanese oppositionist trying to intervene in the conflict of prisoners and special troops, who guards the entrance to the central prison of the country. Roumieh prison, Lebanon.

Basatanpur Temple at Durbar Square is reflected in the eye of the visitor. Kathmandu, Nepal.

Pope Benedict XVI arrival at his weekly general meeting with the faithful. St. Peter's Square in Vatican City.

Billboard in the North Korean Pyeongchang with the image of an orchid, which is named in honor of the leader Kim Jong Il - kimcheniriya.

The newly Haitian President Michel Martelly thanked his supporters after a press conference in Port-au-Prince.

A proponent of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi shows her panties in front of the court in Milan. It is not clear in what way, but she said that shows their support for Signor Silvio :)

Operating the plant «Gamesa Technology» in Feyrless Hills, Pennsylvania, cleans flag before the arrival of US President - Barack Obama.

Tattooed fan climbed to cuddle Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher, during a meeting Michael and his team-mate Nico Roseburg with fans.

Baseball New York Yankees Andrew Jones in a match against «Minnesota Twins» ran the ball and got the wall and the remains of food on his head.

The coach of the Spanish football club "Barcelona" Josep Guardiola allows their players to miss one ball in the quarterfinals of the Champions League from the Donetsk "Shakhtar". As the number of goals has not specified - scored five :)

Any man is not fearful height will be pleased to take advantage of such a urinal as building Commerzbank, which in Frankfurt, Germany.

Actor Matthew Makkonehi at a photo shoot for the film "The Lincoln Lawyer" in Berlin «Hotel de Rome».

The singer and musician Bob Dylan performs on stage for the first time in Beijing, China.

Tantrum Ricky Martin on the occasion of fans trying to break through the "cordon" security. Mexico City, Mexico.

In London, an exhibition of butterflies «Sensational Butterflies». The first visitors were schoolchildren. For all those wishing to National History Museum will open its doors from the 12th of April.

Employees of Christie's auction posing with a picture of George Gibbs, of which 5 July this year plan to bail out at least $ 33 000 000.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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