Archain Manuel (Manuel Archain) and its non-existent pictures

Argentine photographer was born in Buenos Aires and is not going to leave their homeland. They feel comfortable here. Fame can be achieved regardless of where you live. This view could not agree more.

At the age of five Archain Manuel (Manuel Archain) began to take up the art of studying sculpture and painting in the studio of his mother-artist. In 13 years, Manuel began to learn the skill of the comic figure from the master Carlos Pedratstsini. At the same time, he begins to try yourself as a photographer. At the age of seventeen Manuel already earns in advertising, movies and music videos as an artist and photographer. Since 2004, he works independently and in its portfolio with brands such as: Swisscom, Absolut, Sony Ericsson, Kraft, Universal Music and many others. His works are exhibited in many galleries in the world. We offer you a selection of funny, unusual works of Manuel.


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