The most unusual and original bed

Man about a third of his life holds in his sleep, and the place where to this part of life, paid very little attention. We decided to remedy the situation of the selection.

We start with the compact and versatile design beds, which, like the designer is able to resize under any mattress, and compactly assembled. Made of reinforced plastic pipes.

The second job is to take the idea of ​​sleeping form. Occurs peculiar enveloping body and its subsequent rewarming.

For lovers of sleep in the fetal position offer ultra-compact bed.

Even more compact operation proposed in a clamshell made of cardboard, of a thickness of 7 mm. The perfect solution for guests or in the room where you want the daytime space.

Another "transformer" is named Sosia and can be used during the day as two independent chair.

Famous musician sang: "Pillow as a book ...". We offer you a bed-book :)

This is not exactly a bed. Called Trix. During the day can be a seat or ottoman, and at night you can get some sleep.

Bed titled Fluttua attached exclusively to the wall, which adds space and creates the impression that it is floating in air.

Next bed envelops you the feeling of tenderness, uniqueness and security.

It's simple Yin and Yang. Yin, apparently still does not want to sleep.

This bed is really floating in the air due to the two permanent magnets industrial scale.

Sonic Bed will give you beautiful moments of solitude together or alone with your favorite music, Feel that your whole body.

To understand what a real tenderness, enough to buy a bed of 120 soft and gentle balls, which accepts any, you need a form.

Dreamed as a child of the "cozy nest"? As you are such a realization of a dream?

The original Transformer will help turn the bed into anything from chairs to lounge chairs.

Ready to sleep standing up? Receive and sign!

And finally, the proposal for the lazy. Simple zip-lock will help you turn a crumpled bed in a beautiful part of the room.


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