Day in Photos, July 4, 2011

Today Monday was quite peaceful and calm. There was a lot of interesting events, but the key is, of course, was the American Independence Day. While the former pomp Americans escaped. They are clearly not up to it now.

The last rays of sun on the background of skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur and thick smog, Malaysia.

Chinese woman riding a tricycle in the pouring rain in Chengdu. Her dog whether swimming, or running track.

Royal python with two heads in the hands of its owner - Stefan Broghammera. Stefan - the owner of a pet shop in Stuttgart, Germany. He says that the reptiles, born a year ago, two of the spinal cord and two digestive system.

Female Siberian tiger Niva together with her baby at the zoo in Budapest, Hungary.

Seagull has found a companion in the face of swans-catamaran in Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan.

Turtles pumped water. Indonesia coastal police seized them in one of the boats off the coast of Bali.

Young cock violate traffic rules and cross the road in the wrong place, San Juan Bautista, California, USA.

Passers-by walk in the rain in the Mitte district of Berlin.

Australian farmer shows on their wheat crops in the settlement of Gunnedah.

Jews pray at the tomb of Joseph in Nablus, West Bank.

Students of the school of ballet Lynn Williams Rouse help each other with the makeup before going on stage with a farewell ballet "Paquita", Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

An elderly Hindu pilgrim-his way to the holy cave of Amarnath in Ganeshtope, India.

Kenyan boy Abdifatah Hassan suffers from malnutrition, therefore appeared in the largest refugee camp in the world in Dadaab, Kenya.

Sailor salutes on the deck of the destroyer USAF "Fitzgerald" before leaving the ship docks in Sydney, Australia.

In the capital, Pyongyang, North Korea held a rally condemning the policy of South Korea, which, according to unconfirmed reports, was attended by about 100 thousand people, including soldiers, civilians and government officials.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says goodbye to Cuba at the airport of Havana, where he removed a malignant tumor and returned to his homeland.

New Zealander Laura Langman fights for the ball in the match between the national teams Netball New Zealand and Fiji as part of the World Cup. Competitions are held in Singapore.

In France, the third round of multi-day bicycle race "Tour de France". Cyclists overcome another 198 kilometers of the race.

Preseason Munich "Bavaria" is in full swing. In the photo the Dutchman Arjen Robben (left) and German Diego Contento (right) at a training camp in the Italian town of Arco.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, scale marked another Independence Day.

Fashionista chooses to itself clothes on the stand during the fashion week in Hong Kong.

Today in Paris fashion house Christian Dior for the first time in the last 15 years have shown a collection in which creation was not involved John Galliano, accusations of racism and anti-Semitism.

Young fans of the singer Lady Gaga in suits waiting for the start of a regular press conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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