Arctic Circle - the kingdom of snow and ice. (27 photos)

For several years, at the end of February, I went to friends who live in a small village near the Arctic Circle. This is the time when the day is just beginning to gain momentum, and frosts easily fall below -30. But at night, when there is no cloud over his head lit a scattering of lights, and if you're lucky, you can see the northern lights.


Murmansk train arrives at the station late at night Louhi. We climb into the promёrzshuyu cornfield, and another hour on a forest road going to the village Nilmo lip. It is waiting for the house overheated and hot tea. In the morning, we will throw a little bit on the sled.

The first day, he seemed to sweat. A little tired after the train and night crossings, we get used to frost and short day.

And local amenities, this threshold that under no circumstances does not freeze. Here we have to be doubly careful at the edges of the ice is thin and because of the tide and even cracked. But, in the extreme cold of the water vapor goes strong and it is very beautiful sight. The main thing to keep warm.

A few kilometers from the village there are islands with high banks. There you can walk on the thumb snowmobile roads. But should carefully prepare for such a walk in the cold takes almost the whole day. When I returned, I was frost on so that I do not much different from a snowman.

Daylight I could not come back and the sunset I met in the vast sea of ​​white. Handsomely. But you have to hurry this time of year it gets dark very quickly and in the dark is not very fun to wander, especially as the sun goes down the temperature drops sharply.

Even at night I reached the village. I froze, tired but was pleased with the fog did not last long but I managed to do, in my opinion, some good shots. Otogrevshis, drinking tea, back to the shooting. Now the object of photographing will serve the village itself. And the possibility of the northern lights suddenly lucky?

One night we were lucky, somewhere about forty minutes in the sky blazed bright colors of the northern lights. I will not describe the whole process of how we were going to like running in the snow, trying to find at least some some less decent point shooting. Let's just say - unbelievably fantastic spectacle. Especially when you will not have to run. I put the tripod and occasionally pressed the button and the rest of the time just admiring the sky. By the way, the ice cracked under his feet, and some files are not derived from the fact that the shutter speed and exposure on a tripod half shifted or twitching. I had to find a place where there is a lot of snow and strengthen the legs of the tripod that would pay off the vibration.

Shining out. The camera is able to capture even a little bit more than meets the eye. I waited a little but cold was such that very quickly the desire to be in the heat overpowered everything else.

Friends often told me that boring here and so go to the village. Well poschёlkal bit, and then what? In fact, for the landscape photographer the time does not happen much, and when there are such a nature, moreover, even a week is not enough. But Nilmo Bay has another entertainment. This dive center and it works guys with beluga whales. You can arrange a swim with beluga whales in the sea))

The last time, after the publication of photos Taganay, it's a lot of questions about how working in the cold photographic equipment. In fact, it works fine, but there are some nuances. The most important point is the temperature drops. Often, newcomers do not face this problem came from the street immediately took out his camera, that she would quickly thawed. In fact, this can not be done, the camera immediately covered with condensation and can quite simply fail. It is necessary that the camera would slowly warmed to room temperature, so just let it lie in fotoryukzake all. If the planned exit to the street an hour after returning, I kept fotoryukzak in the corridor, where there was already a minus. Batteries are always warm pockets, and when the camera is idle for a long time, battery is also removable. Another observation is best to charge the batteries are kept home. Worst of all, the old non-native. They are enough for 15-20 minutes of shooting. The total number of batteries I had three. This is enough for a day of work in the cold. For a night of shooting, I was charging them again. There, the rate increases at times, since colder and soaking for 25 seconds and above. In summary, almost all photographic equipment works properly in the cold, although there may be a problem with zumami, they have slowed down the zoom, the most dangerous - is the moisture. Below is a picture of my colleagues who do not really protects your camera by changing the lens on the outside, smoking and exhaling smoke and steam directly to the camera. If so contact with the camera, it certainly does not serve long.

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