Park ice and snow in China

The event was held for the first time back in 1963. Today it is one of the highlights of the winter in China and the world at large.
Spaces monumental sculptures of ice and snow is highlighted in the northern part of the Chinese metropolis: in the park "Ice and Snow" on Sunny Island and the park "Zhaolin." For the manufacture of all shapes and structures of sculptors who came from all over the world, it took a ton of snow and ice. Officially Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin (The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival) was launched today, the fifth of January and will last about a month. At the opening of the organizers used not only lighting but also pyrotechnics, which created an incredibly colorful atmosphere. In addition to the exhibition of sculptures, the festival will host the traditional bathing in the local river Songhua (Sungari).


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