Carnivorous plants (8 photos)

Pictures plant predators author William Fernando Martinez were made to them in the Botanical Garden in Colombia during the exhibition of carnivorous plants.

Venus flytrap (Dionaea Muscipula) with his victim.

Carnivorous plants (also referred to as carnivorous or insectivorous plants) - include about 630 species names rasteniy19 families, their peculiarity is that they have adapted to eating, ie catching and digest small animals, primarily insects different. Such heterotrophic nutrition supplements their normal main autotrophic nutrition in the form of photosynthesis. As a result of this type of power, these carnivorous plants are not so much dependent on inorganic nitrogen in the soil, which is necessary for the synthesis of its own proteins.

Dissyllabic Sundew (Drosera binata) and mosquito.

Geliamfora small Helliamphora minor) and the beetle.

Sundew and the Butterfly, which came in its "Network».


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