Cold-blooded romantic philosopher Ruben Brulat (Ruben Brulat)

His photographs are in the first place, amaze with their uniqueness. He is engaged in photography a little more than four years, however, get the impression that his images hiding the entire history of the human race.

In the works Brulata Ruben (Ruben Brulat) reveals a very global, but at the same time, relevant to every person matters. Looking at these pictures, we realize how lonely and unprotected, in fact, every one of us. How fragile it seems people compared with the grandeur of nature, or the giant concrete jungle cities that are themselves created. It is the author's point of view. Ruben said that the more we fantasize, the more really understand reality. One can not but agree with this statement, at least because each view has a right to exist.

Photo by Ruben Brulat


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