Journey into the world of fashion and beauty with Ceci Young (Cecy Young)

The Frenchwoman, who lives in Paris, of course, could not be selected as a genre for photographer, nothing but beauty and fashion. And it is worth noting that Ceci made the right choice. Now you can make it.

The girl only twenty-three years, however, when the age or length of service was determined by the quality of the photos? At one time, Ceci Young (Cecy Young) has received a bachelor's degree in fine arts. Of course, it helped her future work. However, according to most girls, a significant role in her work playing childhood memories - emotions, feelings and impressions. Looking at her pictures, in some cases even begins to seem that the models reflect on the past, so bright and radiant. A separate item of inspiration Ceci says women and cinema.

Photo by Cecy Young


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