Day in Photos, December 18, 2011

So ends another week of December. Sunday was the usual sports in some places of the planet waited, finally, snow. Let's be glad for them, still winter. Well, the main thing - do not forget to look under the pillow in the morning;)

The lights of the Florida peninsula (right) and the rest of the east coast of the United States. The picture was taken from the ISS.

Gloomy dawn in Monaco. The sun barely appears above the Mediterranean Sea, has disappeared.

Water tornado approaching Nice, France.

Hurricane Washy continues to kill Filipinos. Photos from the island of Mindanao.

Walking the dog on the snow-covered Lyme park in the suburbs of Manchester, England.

In the suburbs of the German Shlezingena clean the snow from the road. Here it fell enough.

Snow Fairy Tale Road in Danehte, Scotland.

Snow fell even in Spain, but only in the north.

Underwater Santa Claus feeds gray sharks in an aquarium in Sydney, Australia.

Workers unload the cotton out of the truck on the territory of a cotton mill in Drangadre, India.

Pakistani Christian boy putting the finishing touches in the decoration of the Christmas tree, Islamabad.

Pre-Christmas bustle in the center of Antwerp, Belgium.

Strippers dancing free lap dance for a young man who donated toys. Strip club collects toys to a charity for children, Chicago, USA.

The day before yesterday in Dhaka, celebrated 40 years of independence, but today there was an explosion. There are victims. This is the result of a collision of oppositionists and police in Bangladesh.

It is difficult even to determine who is more pleased ending the US military campaign in Iraq. US soldiers and local people.

Afghan National Army soldiers at a graduation ceremony in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan.

Today, at the age of 75 years died a famous politician and former Czech president - Vaclav Havel. Photo 22-year-old. December 19, 1989, presidential candidate greets his supporters from a balcony in Prague.

Swiss bobsledder Gregory Baumann turned a bean after crossing the finish line in Winterberg, Germany, during the World Cup bobsled.

German Richard Fried in jumping as part of the next stage of the World Cup in Alpine skiing in Engelberg, Switzerland.

Russian national biathlon team today won the mixed relay at the third stage of the World Cup in Hochfilzen, Austria.

Soccer players of the Spanish "Barcelona" shake their coach Guardiola after winning the final of the Club World Cup. The Spaniards destroyed the Brazilian "Santos" with the score 4: 0.

Coach "Manchester City" Roberto Mancini (left) shakes hands with the loser today - the trainer of "Arsenal" Arsene Wenger (right).

"Residents had the single goal of David Silva (fourth from right) to defeat the" Gunners ".

Sweden's hockey team celebrating an abandoned puck into the goal in the last match of the Finns on the "First Channel Cup" in Moscow. The Swedes lost 3: 4, but in the end won the cup.

One of the thousands of participants of the traditional Christmas swim on Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

Another stupid record set in Manila in the Philippines - the largest (by number) the exchange of gifts.

Concert «Manic Street Preachers» in London.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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