Christmas advertising the first half of the twentieth century

On the eve of the Catholic Christmas, we would like you to make a retrospective of Christmas advertising in the first 50 years of the last century. What then advertised and offered as gifts to one of the most important holidays?

Right to pre-empt some questions. The fact that we can not talk about all print advertising at the time. So tell only about her, and trends in a narrow format - only North America and Britain. Certainly, in terms of marketing and advertising, Americans have always been ahead of the rest.

At the beginning of the century large-scale advertising campaign was conducted by Kodak, offer their cameras.

Since that time still remained advertisement Cheesecake cheese and puddings. The peculiar addition to the traditional in the UK and North America, the turkey.

In the next 10 years: the services of florists, the first electric washing machines and, still, cameras Kodak.

In the 20s of the last century, advertising was much more. Advertise candy.


Radio receivers.


Tooth powder, soap, etc.

Shaving accessories.

With the abolition of the "dry" law in the United States, with the December 1933 appeared advertising of alcohol.

Also, the "fruit" kings began to advertise their products.

Continued advertising the services of florists.

Increasingly, you can see more and more everyday objects: Turntables, kitchen appliances, watches, accessories and even typewriters :)

World War II almost fell for advertisers, but by the end of the 40s, everything returned to normal. Alcohol flowed freely.

It's time for new gadgets - TVs, radiograms (receiver and turntable).

Jewellery, watches and perfumes.

The middle of the century was marked by the departure of large text advertisements and the transition to the pictures with slogans. However, not all were able to go straight. Well, goods and services, for the most part, have remained the same. Is that the added transport services, and increasingly began to advertise products that may interest the children. But alcohol with appliances, as always ahead.


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